Word Sprint Dare #1

The intermittent moaning of the water pump was driving her mad. It kept her awake for hours before she finally dragged herself out of bed and tried to turn the wee red screwdriver a few notches more, she was still sleepy as she groped around the fitting for the screw, and she couldn’t see in the pale glow of the bed side lamp. She reluctantly plodded back to the bed to grab her mobile phone with flashlight app. As she turned the screw, the water continued to drip, drip, drip and the pump continued to growl. Always the same she thought to herself, things fell apart when she was alone in the house. She threw the screwdriver with force to the bathroom floor. A mysterious hollow echo resounded in her ears…


Word Sprint Dare #2

Stuck to the underside of the wooden floorboard was a round shape, it felt like something covered in paper. Slowly, carefully, she unpicked the shape from the board, it was stuck on with masking tape so it came off quite easily. She shone the flashlight onto it to reveal some strange squiggles which upon closer inspection were actually chinese symbols or characters, a fortune cookie! She paused for a while running over recent events in her mind, what on earth was going on, spurred forward by curiosity she gradually unpicked the wrapping. The light illuminated the short message:

Word Sprint Dare #3

Unwrapping the paper carefully she realised this was not a message, it was in fact a very crude copy of a photograph. Immediately tears welled up in her eyes and gradually spilled over running down her cheeks and onto her pyjamas. It was someone very special to her, or at least someone who had been special to her but not since…how long would it be now, years for sure, but where did this photo come from, baked inside a fortune cookie, who had put it there and what why? She stroked the photo as if by doing so she would stir up the memories perhaps relive a little of that time so long ago before she came to this house, this village, this country. Sniffing softly she carefully turned the wafer-thin copy over and over, she noticed something on the back, pulling the flashlight a little closer she could see some pencil marks, she held the paper to the light 9REGP15A BCL.

Word Sprint Dare #4

She was aware of someone watching her, from time to time she glanced up from her laptop but everyone seemed absorbed in their own business. However as she gathered her things to disembark at the next station she could see a stranger out the corner of her eye standing up very quickly as though unexpectedly departing the train – a coincidence or was this the person who had been staring at her?

Word Sprint Dare #5

Tightly clutching her bags close to her body she prepared to sprint as soon as her feet touched the platform. After what seemed like an eternity, the doors slid open and she squeezed through the middle of the commuters piling out. Twisting nervously through the turnstile she almost dropped her season pass as she pushed it into her pocket. Off like a rocket towards the taxi rank, engines idly ticking over in readiness. She leapt in and spoke to the cab driver in between gasping to catch her breath …

Word Sprint Date #6

“Blossom Street please! ” she barked at the driver. She glanced out of the rear window and trembled as she saw the stranger from the train running towards her cab.

“Quickly!” she shouted.

“That’s a very long road, Miss, whereabouts exactly?

“Caffe La Tazzina” she splurted as the stranger pulled open the cab door and leaned in, removing his trilby hat.

“Excuse me for following you but I believe we may be headed in the same direction, I noticed your ID pass round your neck, I believe you work at the University? I have a meeting with Professor Barton later this morning and I have a couple of hours to kill, could we share this cab perhaps, if you are heading into the city?” he said in a perfectly beautiful drawling American accent.

“Oh, er, yes of course, however I am a little early so I shall be stopping off for breakfast first.”

“Perfect I can perhaps pick your brains for the top places to visit during my trip if you don’t mind? By the way my name is John, John Johnstone, pleased to meet you Miss…”

The driver set off muttering to himself at this conversation, he wasn’t going far, not a big fare but it was absolutely pouring and with this American stranger perhaps he could add on a couple of quid.

“My name is Holly, Holly Barker, pleased to meet you” she replied as they shook hands and the atmosphere relaxed considerably in the confined back seat of the cab.

5 thoughts on “NaNoMac

  1. Up to end paragraph 3 ‘she’ is in bed? awake is what I thought. Then 4 – excellent – but now I’m confused – was she awake or dreaming? Or are all these just notes for a forthcoming book? Excuse my ignorance but on starting to read, I thought I was reading the beginning of a book. Please correct/guide me. Enjoyable – am anxious to know what happens next. x


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