The Outdoor Learning Natural Connections

This week’s blog comes to us all the way from down under, from Clarice Lisle, Year 4 coordinator at Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School, Victoria, Australia.

 This is the story of a unique place-based learning program we have for our Year 4 students at Ballarat Grammar in Victoria, Australia. Located on the School farm of 120 acres, this purpose built campus is home to 65 students.

The Year 4 Mount Rowan experience, aligns with an important developmental stage in our students’ lives, marking a memorable moment that will last a life time. Stepping beyond the mainstream classroom, ‘Caring for Life’ is an underlying theme that encompasses this program through self, others and place.  Aiming to develop ecological understanding as a way of seeing and being, this place-based context enables students to experience life first hand; to appreciate, value and understand their birthright and the natural way of things through guided inquiry.

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