Autumn rutting near Creach Bheinn this morning

This morning to clear the brain we headed out to Druimavuic at the head of Loch Creran. It was a bit dreich but ever the optimists we set off up the track. We carried on through the glen – the ‘zig-zag’ I call it, very steep! Capturing glimpses of the ridge which loomed out of the cloud. We stopped in our tracks with the sound of rutting all around us and the the hills seemed to come alive with deer running around in all directions, all shapes and sizes too. A magnificent stag led the procession stopping regularly on top of crags – to be seen? The cloud however cloaked the amazing views we had hoped for of Loch Etive and we had to be content with glimmers of peaks teasing us through the mist. The descent typically became clearer and clearer and we were awarded with views over Loch Creran, Lismore and beyond. Log fire, feet/paws up and snoozing now.

Deer if you look closely enough!
Deer if you look closely enough!
Still looking mum!
Still looking mum!

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